How to Set Up AliExpress Dropshipping in AutoDS in 5 Simple Steps

Learn how you can start working with the biggest Chinese supplier and scale your business!

1. Policy:

Go to:
Click "Create policy" and then create:
Shipping policy as showed below:


Returns policy:

2. Fees:

We don't have any surprises on AliExpress so the fees are just:
PayPal fees % + eBay fees % + 1% for additional fees, so it will be around 14% (depends on your fees)

3. Maximum shipping time: 

We will usually work with ePacket so our maximum shipping time should be around 30-35 days (including the handling time), to configure it go to SettingsStoreSettingsAliexpress

 and chose the "30 Days" option

4. Item location:

You can set up a default item's location for feature uploads under

Store SettingsAliexpress CNLister

5. Template:

On AutoDS we have some templates which have been adapted for Chinese dropshipping. We suggest using these templates to save questions from buyers and adapt the template to our shipping time.

You can see the templates on the settings page under the templates tab. You can learn more about how to set and edit a template in this help article

AutoDS also offers a full dropshipping course for beginners and experienced sellers.

Visit the course page here to learn more. 


If this process is still difficult for you, we highly recommend you to
Join our mentorship program (try it out for 7 days with no charge)
  1. Our mentor can help you to do that step by step
  2. If you wish to create a custom policy, use our mentor to help you out with your requests 🙂
The mentorship program can save you a lot of precious time with the variety of issues that eBay sellers deal with.


If you have any further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate to contact us through the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 
LUD: January 25th, 2021