How to prevent Facebook Marketplace suspensions?

Facebook Marketplace can be very profitable but is crucial to prevent the suspensions, follow these guidelines

Facebook is a platform very sensitive and is crucial to understand how to deal with it.

As in any marketplace, there are algorithms for preventing frauds and scams, and all of the algorithms are always a problem even for legit people like you. The key is to understand how they work and follow their rules.

  • Make good history
    Who would trust someone starting to sell hundreds of dollars overnight from anywhere? Start your business on Facebook slowly, list at the beginning low-cost items ship and delivery in time. Be sure to provide a valid tracking number for these orders.

  • List slowly
    At least when you start, list slowly, don't rush. Listing too much could flag your account as high-risk behavior. You need to list slow but consistent and grow with time by time. Once your store has a history in a range of listings grow them and add more. You need to look like you're buying new stock and growing with Facebook.
  • Avoid dangerous categories
    There are a lot of prohibited items that you can't list on Facebook, be sure to read them and avoid them. Facebook will not hesitate to suspend anybody listing items against the rules. Here is the general list of them:
  • Masks and medical items

  • no adult products

  • no pet food

  • no medical items or medicines (included for pet category)

  • no chemical or flammable products

  • no vitamins, proteins, and food in general

  • no Thermometers, test kits for medical purposes

  • no tobacco items (rolling, electronic cigarettes, and anything related)

    Complete list of Facebook policies:

  • Do a good customer service
    Like anywhere you sell you need to be sure to provide good customer service to the buyers. Answer in time, handle the returns & refunds, and be kind. Don't give anybody the opportunity to report you as bad seller.