How to Download Purchase Invoices for Your 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' Orders?

Learn how you can download purchase invoices for your 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' orders.

To download the invoice for the orders purchased through our 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' service, go to your orders page and click 'Load Balance':


In the next window, click 'History': 


 Then click 'Download Invoice':


Select a date range of the required billing month, for example, Jun 1st to Jun 30st: 


The invoice will download onto your computer. 


  • The invoice is issued on the name of the AutoDS account holder.
  • The invoice is under ROT LLC and not AutoDS. 

Here's an example of the invoice: 



Q: Can the name on the invoice be changed?

A: Yes. Open a support ticket asking to change the name. 


Q: Can the invoice be separated by eBay accounts? 

A: Unfortunately, it is not possible. The invoice collects all the orders from all the eBay accounts connected to the AutoDS user. 

To learn more about our 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' service, check out these help guides:
If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 
LUD: Aug 25th, 2020.