How to use the Bulk Upload Listings on AutoDS

Learn how to use the bulk uploads feature to save time when uploading multiple products

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Bulk Uploads

AutoDS allows you to upload several listings at once - you can upload 1-2 or even thousands of products at once. 

Go to Uploader➞ Bulk Upload 

1 - Paste the item source IDs that you want to upload. Each on a separate line, as shown in the image. 

2- Upload a list from a CSV file. The file can have one column with only source IDs or two columns; One for the source ID and the other for the title of the product. If you upload only source IDs,  the listings will upload with the original source ID titles. 

The file should look like this:

Source IDs only:

Source ID + Titles:

3- Edit the price settings, and choose the location and policies. They will apply to all of the products that you are uploading in this bulk upload. 

4- Choose the following for your upload: 

Upload Variations - If checked, the system will upload all the variations to the product. 
Enable Out Of Stock Items Upload - If checked, the items that are detected as OOS (Out of Stock) will be uploaded anyway.
Allow Vero - if checked, products that are detected as a violation of eBay's VERO program and items in your black keywords list will be uploaded anyway. You can learn more about the VERO feature here
Allow Marketplace - Applies to Amazon and Walmart. Allows this listing to stay in stock even when the seller is not FBA or sold by Amazon on Amazon. (Meaning, not a prime item.) Or, when not sold by Walmart (3rd party sellers).
First Upper Letters - The system will capitalize on each first letter of each word of the title. 
Duplicate Main Picture To 12 - The main image will be duplicated to 12 to fill in all of the image slots which eBay suggests. 
Private Listing - Checking this, you will allow your buyers on eBay to remain anonymous.
Make Collage - The system will make a four image collage as the main picture to all listings. 
Set Watermark On All Pictures - Sets your watermark to all the images of each listing on this upload. 
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LUD: August 12th, 2020.