How don't link accounts together

Working with stealth accounts is crucial for expanding our business. Here is how don't link accounts together

Maybe you have heard about stealth accounts already. They're accounts that are not linked in any way to other accounts so that you can feel safe if something happens to them, knowing that will not impact the other accounts you have.

But, how will eBay, Paypal, Facebook link your accounts?

They do in multiple ways, so make sure to follow all these suggestions


  • Browser History

    All the websites can have access to your browser history, using it for tracking you and know who are you.
    This means that even if you change ip address but you're using the same browser, the company will know that in the same profile has been used another account.

Linking level: 10 

  • Ip Address

    This's the main way all we know, using the IP address. This could link your accounts, but you need not worry if by mistake you used the same ip address
    occasionally on multiple accounts. As our IP addresses are always reused from the provider, the link is not very strong. But if you use the same provider and IP address always on the same account, you'll be linked on this way too.

Linking level:

  • Street Address

    If you use the same street address there is a high chance your accounts will be linked by the company. So is better to use different address or variations of it. For example removing a word or using a shortcut.

Linking level: 9

  • First and Lastname

    The name of the account alone doesn't link the accounts. As in the world exists homonyms 

Linking level: 0

  • Email Address

    If you use the same email address (for example if you change it and use the old one for a new account) the accounts will be linked straight away. 

Linking Level: 10

  • The fingerprint of the device

    Many people don't know about this, but any device has his personal fingerprint. 
    What is it?
    The fingerprint is a series of informations of the device that companies can read and will use for combining them with other informations and link users that are potentially using the same device for more accounts.
    Here are some examples of the informations the fingerprint will include:
  1. Fonts installed on the device
  2. Resolution of the laptop
  3. Operative System installed
  4. browsers installed
  5. Keyboards installed
  6. Language
  7. If services on the browser are enabled (for example google services)
  8. Etc

But don't worry, there is an easy solution for this, so you'll not need multiple devices, you can use software such multilogin, that will allow you to create hundreds different profiles (with their unique fingerprint) that you can use for each of your accounts. 
Here is a detailed video guide on how to use it:  How to work with multiple accounts

Linking level: 6

  • Mobile phone

    If you use the app on the same mobile phone (even after a reset!) your accounts will be linked very fast.

Linking level: 10