How can I buy accounts Safety?

Are you looking to buy or take over a new account? here is how to do it safely!

In some circumstances you would need to buy or maybe take ownership of another eBay account, maybe because you want to expand your business or just having some backup account.

Most people think that is enough to take the account, change email and phone number and that's all.

This's not enough and could let the possibility eBay would reset the original email address when you start to use the account.


Why is this happening?

eBay is a very sensible platform, they want to keep safe buyers and sellers using advanced algorithms to preventing any account to be stole or abused. This means that any suspicious activity will cause a temporary lock on the account or a reset of the original data of the owner.

For example this combo:


Phone Number + Email + Device

Is very common and will cause the probability of a reset of phone number and email because eBay doesn't recognize the new device and could think the account has been stolen.

And you can apply this with a unique rule:



Don't make changes that could be suspicious, change everything slowly and warm up the account.


If you take over one account and you'll log in it from a new device, is very important you change nothing and you don't list anything on it for now.

Don't change the email or the phone number, even the address. Make browser history on it, using the account like a normal buyer.
Go in the listings, add items on the cart (or buy something!), and do this for several days. 
Let eBay know you.

In General, you can follow these general rules:

  • Change eMail after 2 weeks of browser history and maybe after some sale
  • Change phone number after 1-2 months (be sure to have always access to the old one, even after months, for this is important to take accounts from people you trust)
  • Change address as later as possible
  • Be sure to have always access to the original email and original phone number, at least for the first 6 months
  • Don't change too much the behaviour of the account. If you take over an account that never sold, and starts to list thousands of items this could trigger eBay as is a weird new behaviour