Customer Service System Explained

This article explains AutoDS V1, our OLDER version.

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Our customer service system includes advanced features such as managing returns and cases without login to your account! All done from one place! 

You can find the Customer Service system on the left-side menu on site.

After you have clicked it you will always be directed to your messages inbox:

Always check your filtered dates  - by default you will see messages from the previous week.
You can change the date range as follows:

Make sure you choose all the stores you want to see (Relevant for users who have more than one ebay store connected to AutoDS)

Here you can choose to see some of the stores or all of them:

Let's go over the system's tabs:


Search -you can search through your messages by any term (Message ID, Case ID, Buyer's username, Seller's username, Item title, and the subject of the message itself)

  • Notice: you will not be able to find messages you have archived directly on eBay.

Choose how many messages you want to see on one page:

The messages table - Here you can see all your messages to the selected accounts:

Quick Peak - You can view and respond to the messages without going inside the message using the plus and minus signs (+, -).
Unread Messages will be marked with color (messages from eBay in Green and messages from buyer in cyan).
Replied Messages - The reply arrow will be colored for messages have you already replied to.
Flag - check the star icon to mark the message as important to remind you to handle it with care later and find it easier.
Sender's Name - you can see the username who sent the message.
User - the name of the store this message was received in - relevant to users who choose to filter messages from multiple stores.
Subject - The title of the message.

When you choose a message (one click only) - you can see the message info on the left side :

View \ reply - use to open the message (equals to double click on the message title in the messages table)

Show related messages
*You can cancel the selection by clicking on "Show related messages" again or by clearing the search field with the clear button.

Quick eBay Reply - this will open your eBay account in a new tab for those who prefer to reply to the message directly on eBay.

After clicking the quick peak or double click of the message, you can get complete info for the selected message on the left side of the screen - Message info, Amazon info, Item info, and Shipment. Click on each one for more info.

Reply to messages through the customer service system:

This is the reply section:

You can drag and drop files in order to attach them to your message.

Messages Templates
You can save message templates and later search by a template's title - saving you precious time!

You can add a new template by clicking the plus button (+).
When you prepare a new template you can choose tags so the system will automatically fill in the user details to the message.

You can use templates by marking them from the saved templates' screen and clicking the check-mark sign (V).

After the message is ready you can click on reply and the message will be sent to your buyer.


The SENT inbox shows you all the messages you have sent to your buyers.
You will be able to view the messages you sent and the automatic messages that were sent to the buyers by the order processor (relevant for users who work with the order processor). 


Trash will show you all the messages you have deleted.


All the cancellation requests on your account. Ones you asked to cancel and those requested by your buyers. 


This tab will show you all the returns on your account and the status of the return.

When you click on a return you can see all its info on the left side:

When you open the return as a message you can answer the return directly from it.  You can upload the shipping label and issue a refund to the buyer - all the options relevant to the case will appear on the system and you can manage it directly from AutoDS' platform.

If you choose to upload a return label - you must upload the return label as an image file. AutoDS has an automatic tracking number identification for when uploading a return label (Only GIF, JPEG, PNG and JPG files).

Resoulution Cases:

You will find all of your closed cases to this account. 


All the open cases you have on eBay.
Just like in the returns tab - you can manage all cases from AutoDS' platform.
You can upload tracking numbers and refund the buyers.

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article please do no hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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