Etsy integration update - October 2023

A new integration for Etsy is coming soon. Follow this page for updates.

On October 1st, Etsy removed the AutoDS app and some other dropshipping apps from their marketplace. They may also have deleted the dropshipping products connected to these tools. This is happening due to Etsy's specific requirements on product niches and types. AutoDS can provide all product niches that Etsy specializes on, and much more. But right now, we need to work on our alignment first. 

As a result, current AutoDS users cannot see their previously connected Etsy stores in our platform anymore. AutoDS has also temporarily disabled the option for new users to connect to the Etsy marketplace. We understand the impact this has on our users and we are actively working with Etsy to find a solution. However, it may take some time to resolve this situation. We will keep you updated when we receive any news from Etsy.

 In the meantime, we want to help you succeed with one of our other dropshipping channels like eBay, Amazon, Facebook marketplace, or Shopify (which offers 3 months for $1 trial here).
You can choose any of our supported selling channels on the top left of AutoDS platform (by clicking on your store name). 

Our “Academy” page has complete eBayAmazon, and Shopify courses.
Let this be the step for your bigger, better dropshipping journey!

If you are being affected by this, please know that we are here for you!
We have prepared exclusive offers, guidance and suggestions for all Etsy affected sellers to help them tackle the situation in the best possible way.  
If you have any questions or concerns about products uploaded through AutoDS, or your current Etsy plans, please do contact our support team for assistance.