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How to Check Stock or Source Price on Amazon from INCOGNITO Web Surfing

The correct way to check if an item is in stock is to open an incognito browser. Why is that? This is how AutoDS performs the check. It does not connect to your accounts as the data saved on your account is not necessarily updated. Also, connecting to your accounts will mean significantly increasing the time of the scans. As you know, AutoDS is one of the fastest monitors in the market today offering scans of price and stock changes every 1 hour. 

In addition, by checking the items from incognito mode we guarantee getting the most updated results from Amazon without cookies or cache which save old info for these listings. 


How do we surf in incognito mode? 

To open an incognito window you need to click on the 3 dots on the right hand of your Chrome browser and then click on 'New Incognito Window': 



Go to Amazon.com (or any other market suck as Amazon.de). 

Make sure to change the zip code to comply with the country you are shipping the item to and only then you will see the correct information. Click on the left-hand side:



Change the zip code:


Here's a list of zip codes for our supported Amazon markets:

Amazon.co.uk: EH99 1SP

Amazon.de: 10557

Amazon.com 90210

Amazon.fr 75008

Amazon.it:  02100

Click Apply and Done. 

Paste the ASIN in the search bar and press enter. Now you will get the most update result for your monitored product.

More details on this video:

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For further questions you are welcome to contact us through the support chat :)

Last updated 06.5.19