How to Upload Products Using AutoDS' Non-API Solution?

The Non-API solution supports both types of uploads to eBay, the regular uploads, and the bulk uploads.

The process is similar to the uploads with API, but there are few changes.
In this article, we will describe the full process of listing products using the Non-API solution.

  1. First, please download and configure the Non-API Chrome extension, you can learn here about the different functionalities of the extension.
  2. After the extension is configured, create the upload - same as you do with the API version, except the last step, where instead of clicking the "Upload Now" or "Schedule Now" buttons - you will click on the "Save Product/s" button.
    Click here to learn about single item uploads
    Click here to learn about bulk uploads in AutoDS
  3. After you clicked the "Save Product" button in the bottom of one of the uploaders, go to the "Schedule Uploads Calendar" and check if your products appear there with a "Pending" status.

4. Here comes the magic...
Open the "Non-API extension" and click on the "Upload Pending Uploads To eBay" button:

5. Your products will be uploaded to eBay and will be automatically added to AutoDS.

  • BE AWARE! To allow the products to be connected to AutoDS successfully, you need to keep your browser open. Otherwise, it will be linked only next time you open the browser.
  • The extension will automatically sync to AutoDS only uploads from the last 24 hours - if your computer or internet connection was turned off for longer, and the products were not connected - they will not be linked to AutoDS.