How to Install and Configure AutoDS' Non-API Drop-Shipping Chrome Extension?

The "Non-API extension" is a powerful tool that will save you a lot of time and make your non-API dropshipping store management much easier.

Video explanation (text explanation below):


Configuration guide:

  1. Download the extension
  2. Log in to AutoDS
  3. Choose the relevant store on the top of the page of AutoDS
  4. Go to your settings page on AutoDS (Click here to be directed there)
  5. Copy your token from the field "Token"
  6. Open the extension, and fill in the token under the "AutoDS Token" field
  7. Under the "Email" field - enter any VALID email address, it doesn't matter which email address you write there, it just needs to be a valid email address.
  8. Click "Save Settings"
  9. KEEP YOUR BROWSER OPEN AT LEAST ONE HOUR AFTER THE PROCESS, so your untracked listings will be synced to AutoDS.