AutoDS Managed Accounts- Full Explanation & FAQ

What is the Managed Accounts system?

The managed account system automatically handles 100% of your orders (on supported suppliers). 

This means you no longer need to deal with the orders on the source site, cancellations, returns, or the fear of having your source account restricted. 

All you need to do is just load money on your AutoDS account, and we will process everything for you. The entire life span of the order will be handled for you: placing the order, updating tracking, and processing a return label when needed.

Here's a full tutorial about the Managed Accounts service: 

Here are the main features of the service:

  1. You no longer need to worry about account locks/orders cancellations/credit card cash flow or limits. Everything will be done using our accounts. You can load balance using several payment methods such as PayPal and Payoneer.
  2. 100% of the orders will be automatically processed. 
  3. You no longer need to worry about limited products. We will use our accounts to order as many units from the limited product as you need.
  4. One-click returns process - A new "Return" status on AutoDS will be added to your orders page. When you click it, the managed accounts team will process the return label for you and update it on the system for you to download.

What suppliers does the managed accounts system support?

As of now, we support Amazon US only, and we are adding users one by one, as the queue and demand are HUGE.

If you are interested in additional marketplaces, please let us know, we might already support them, or we might add the service for this specific supplier.

What are the costs of the managed accounts?

We support balance loading with two different methods.

  1. Load money by PayPal (4% fee):
    If you load balance with PayPal, we will charge 4% transaction fee, it means that if you want to load $100 balance, we will charge you $104.
  2. Load money by Payoneer (0% fee):
    The balance loading with Payoneer has 0% processing fee so $100 load will give you $100 balance. 

In addition to the balance, it also requires purchasing auto-ordering credits.
Any new member of AutoDS gets 30 FREE credits at registration. This AO credit balance will allow you to test the managed account system.

Click here for the automatic ordering pricing and explanation.

Want to take part in the managed accounts system?
Here is all you have to do to start benefiting from this feature.

How to join the managed accounts system?

The process is pretty simple: 

  1. You contact us and ask us to enable the feature for you
  2. You configure the system to fit your needs 
  3. You load balance to your AutoDS account and purchase auto-order credits.

We will take it from here :) 

What if I just joined the managed accounts system and I have pending orders?

After you complete the opt-in process, you can click the "Stand by" button of your pending orders - and AutoDS will process the orders for you using your balance.
Click here for a full explanation on AutoDS managed orders statuses

More info about the managed orders system: 

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  2. How to opt-in and configure the managed accounts system? 
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Managed orders YouTube playlist:

What’s next?

Join the managed accounts system and start saving time and headaches!


If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 


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