Why an Order Doesn't Appear on Your AutoDS Orders Page

Follow this checklist to learn why your order does not appear on AutoDS.

An order will not appear on your Orders page for several reasons: 

  1. If your Orders Monitor is not turned ON, the order will not appear on the Orders Page. Please make sure your Orders Monitor is turned ON:

2. The payment for the order was not received on Paypal at the same time the order was placed by your buyer. If more than 48 hours passed between the order date and the payment date - the order will not appear on AutoDS. This cannot be reversed - you will need to process your order manually. 

Make sure to check the section: 'Require immediate payment' on your eBay payments policy. You can check if the order was paid on time as follows:

The order should appear under 'Awaiting Shipment' on your Seller Hub under Orders:

Seller Hub-> Orders -> Awaiting Shipment. 

If the order appears under the 'awaiting payment' section, please send us a print screen of it, so we can keep checking this issue for you.

3. The item is not monitored with us. Meaning, it does not appear under the Active Listings page. If you do not have this option checked on your eBay settings, listings will be automatically ended on eBay after a sale:

Such an order will need to be processed manually. 

4. AutoDS could not change the item's quantity back to 1 due to an error from eBay or due to a  problem with your eBay limits.

5. Your eBay token needs refreshing (=AutoDS' authorization for your account).  You can do it from the settings page on AutoDS. Please note this only applies to API connected stores.

Go to the settings page and click :

Refresh eBay Token