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AutoDs Cash Back Feature "Cashback"

Cash Back is a feature that allows you to increase your profits by getting money back for your purchases on the different source sites.

This feature works with our automatic orders and not with manual orders ( unless of course, you visit these websites manually before you purchase).

You can set the cash back on the Orders Processor page:

Monitors > Orders Processor

You can find it on the right-hand side at the bottom of the page:

Click on the image to register to the cash back sites we support:


In case that several days had past and you did not see any cash back transaction registered on your account it might happen due to the following reasons: 

  1. The password to your cash back account is incorrect. Check it again and update it on the Orders Processor page.
  2. You did not have sales in the offered categories on the cash back site - You will only earn cash back in selected departments at Amazon (or any other supported source site) which these cash back sites work with. Therefore, there will be instances where your sales will not match the relevant categories/ departments and no cash back deal will be associated with your sale. 
  3. Due to too many entries the cash back site had recognized you as resellers and had blocked your transactions. This is why despite our automation process visiting these websites, transactions are not being registered on your account. The solution will be to remove the cash back account from the Orders Processor, open a new account with a different email on the cash back site and connect it to Orders Processor. 

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