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Overview - Setting Up the Monitors' Page

Learn the role of each monitor and how it can help you better manage your account

AutoDS has 4 monitors. Here's what each is responsible for: 

Products Monitor - Responsible for the monitoring or your listings. You can set up your break-even and profit settings for each supplier and decide when the system should protect you and set your items as unavailable (OOS= Out of Stock) on eBay. 

Learn more about the Products Monitor here

Profitability Monitor - Responsible for ending listings that do not sell by the criteria you set. This monitor allows you to save money on eBay's insertion fees and AutoDS monitoring plan.

Learn more about the Profitability Monitor here.  

Orders Monitor - Responsible for optimizing your sales. You can decrease or increase the profit of the item according to its sales. 

Learn more about the Orders Monitor here

Orders' Processor - Responsible for the automation of your orders including automatic messages sent to buyers, leaving feedback to the buyer and updating tracking numbers. 

Learn more about the Orders' Probability here



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Last updated: Feb 22nd 2020