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How to Manage a Virtual Assistant Account on AutoDS

When we want to scale up our business some extra help can be useful.  
AutoDS offers automation for you but some actions cannot be automated such as good customer service. 

If you wish to grow a successful business, you will not be able to manage everything by yourself. To learn more about VA's check out our blog post. 

This feature will make your life easier by allowing you to add a VA to your AutoDS account giving him/her limited access to actions on your eBay accounts- you can choose their authorizations. 

To add a VA account please go to the Settings page and click on Add VA Account

Here you will be able to manage and edit the authorizations you will give to your remote employee - your virtual assistant:

The top section of the page will show the active VA accounts and will allow you to either edit them (click the "Show" button) or delete them.

VA Name: The name of your virtual assistant.

VA Email: The email of your virtual assistant. This email will be the username of your VA login details. Notice it can be any email, even a fictive one, as long as it follows the email pattern for example:

VA Password: The password of your virtual assistant account.

The bottom section will be the different authorizations you choose to give your VA:

** When trying to add a new account, you might receive an error that the email is already registered in the system, in these cases, you can add the account with a little tweak, adding a number at the end of his email. For example:
- Email is already registered. Then create a new one with the email:

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For any further questions, you are welcome to contact us on the support chat :)

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