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How to update your Amazon auto ordering accounts for the OTP (two-factor authentication) system

If you still didn't add your Amazon account, please follow the next video tutorial that shows how to add an Amazon account with OTP to AutoDS:

If your Amazon accounts are already linked to AutoDS but without the OTP authentication, please follow the next steps.

  1. In AutoDS go to monitors -> orders processor

2. Choose the right Amazon account that you want to add the OTP to, and click edit:

3. Log in to your Amazon accounts -> go to "your account"
4. Click Login & Security

5. Click "edit" near the "Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings":

6. Click "Get Started"

7. Choose the "Authenticator app"
8. Click "Can't scan the barcode"

9. Copy the long text that you see under number "3":

10. Go back to AutoDS, and put it on the "Amazon 2Factor Token" field:

11. On AutoDS, on the new field that you see "OTP code", click "update":

12. Copy the code back to Amazon, and click "Verify OTP and continue"

13. Click "Got it. Turn on Two-Step verification"

14. You finished :)

Enjoy the automation of AutoDS! :)