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Setting Up Your Amazon Account for Auto-Ordering

Learn how to correctly set up your contact and Payment information on Amazon

Keeping your Amazon account details accurate and correct is very important to your account health and to make sure it will not get suspended. In case it does get suspended, having correct details will make it easier for you to remove the restriction. 


After you registered to Amazon, you can make sure you have inserted all the correct details. 

You will do it under two sections:

1. Account & Listings ➡ Your Account ➡Login & Security

2. Account & Listings ➡Your Account ➡Ordering and shopping preferences ➡ Payment Options


Let's check the first section:

Account & Listings ➡ Your Account ➡Login & Security


Under Login & Security you need to make sure the following: 

1. Update your full real name as it appears on your legal documents like phone bill or credit card slip. 

2. Insert a Gmail only email address. AutoDS automation is only compatible with a Gmail address. 

3. Insert your mobile number with the country code (example: +1 {US}, +972 {ISR}). 

4. Make sure you know your password. 

5. Set up two-step verification - you must set up the AutoDS Authenticator. Learn how to do it here:

Now let's go over the second section: 

Account & Listings ➡Your Account ➡Ordering and shopping preferences ➡ Payment Options

When you wish your account to stay open and not get suspended by Amazon, the best recommendation is to use a credit card to fulfil your orders and not gift cards purchased from different suppliers. AutoDS automation allows you to auto-order using your credit card. Learn more about it here

You will then see your connected credit cards and other payment methods on your account.
Click on the drop-down arrow to view the billing details to your main connected credit card. If you do not have one, please add one by clicking + Add a card under Add a New Payment Method

After you have found/set up your billing address go to:

Monitors ➡ Orders Processor 

And click Add Purchase Account


Copy and paste the account Gmail, password, 5 first digits of the zip code and the entire phone number.

Click Save Changes and the account will be added.  



Q: My zip code as more than 5 numbers to it and the system does not let me add it. How to go around it? 

A: Please only answer the first 5 digits of your postal code. If your code is: 1234567 you should only insert to AutoDS the first five so 12345. 


Q: Can I add as many purchase account as I want? 

A: Yes. AutoDS does not limit the number of Amazon accounts you can add to your Orders' Processor. However, we do charge you for them. We use residential proxies for the auto-ordering system.
This type of proxies builds trust for your Amazon accounts and decreases the number of locks, as Amazon sees it for a real person login in and not as a proxy company.
These proxies are much more expensive and cost us around $4 each per month. We charge you less than that. The new pricing for the Amazon auto-ordering is (active from January 10th 2020 as an addition to your next invoice):

  • First 5 active Amazon accounts – FREE
  • For each 1K monitored listings on your AutoDS plan – another FREE Amazon account
  • For each extra account – $2 per ACTIVE account.
*We only charge for active accounts. It means that if you add an account, and then replace it with another account – you will be charged only for one of them, not for both.

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 
LUD: 2.4.2020