Hello and Welcome to AutoDS!

The most cutting edge monitoring platform in the industry these days!

Now that you're here it's time to get acquainted and set up the system according to your preferences. 

Don't worry, it's super easy and we'll walk you through it.

STEP 1 -  will be to migrate your existing listings to AutoDS
Read on how to migrate your listings here: 

We will explain how to do this in detail in the next article.

STEP 2 - will be to configure the system settings to fit your needs

If you are just starting out or you still do not have any existing listings you need AutoDS to monitor at this time, you can skip directly to STEP 2.

Important:  when migrating listings from a previous monitor, please make sure to check the migration process had completed syncing before disconnecting your previous monitoring software. For any assistance please contact us directly at the support chat.  

We will Start by setting up the Monitors page 

Here you will find the settings for the different monitors in the system.

AutoDS does much more than just scan prices and stock. Our system has many features and many different monitors running in different intervals to provide your account with full 24/7 coverage. To read about all our features check out our blog

The Monitors Page includes:

Products Monitor - This classic feature has evolved with time to offer extensive customize options including: price and stock settings, VERO protection, breakeven and profit settings, round to $.99 feature, maximum shipping days protection system and more. Each supplier on AutoDS has its very own settings page allowing you complete control of your settings across all suppliers.

Orders Monitor - This monitor will allow you to automatically raise the price of selling items and lower the price of non-selling items!
The orders monitor will help you to maximize your profits and always keep your market competitive. 

Profitability monitor - This monitor will end listings on eBay that do not sell or do not pass your settings for "profitable" listing. This will help you to save money, limit the space in your store, and make room for new better-selling items. Naturally, the tab is customized according to your preferences. 

For more on how to set up your Monitors page watch the following guide:

Lastly, the monitors page includes the Orders processor.

This powerful feature is responsible for the orders automation process:

  • Placing Automatic Orders directly from your linked source account *subjected to the purchase of order's credits
  • Updating tracking information
  • CashBack option on supported sites
  • Leaving feedback for your buyers
  • Sending 3 automated messages to each buyer after a sale

For more on how to set up your Orders Processor:

After your listings are synced and you have set the different monitors according to your preferences it is time to start exploring all of the other great features AutoDS has the offer.

Here are some of them:

  • The AutoFinder - locates and uploads best-selling items for your store.
  • Customer service tab - where you can handle all buyer-seller communication, cases, and returns directly on AutoDS.
  • The uploader - where you can list your items manually, in bulk, schedule your listings to upload at an exact time and date of your choosing. In addition, the recurring uploads feature allows you almost complete automation for the upload process - the most important factor for droppers on eBay.

Here are some links to video guides, tutorials and other useful media about AutoDS.

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article please do no hesitate to contact us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 

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