Before explaining how the calculation of your profits works we should first explain the difference between the break-even % and the fees % shown under the settings & monitor's page.

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How do we calculate the profit on the Active Listings Page ?

It is simple. Let's take the following example:

Here are the profit settings for this listing:

We calculate the profit as follows:

amazon price / 100 * additional % + additional $


14.99/100*2+0.51= 0.81$

Keep in mind this is the profit before the eBay/PayPal fees and tax*

How is the profit calculated in the Orders Page ?

Here our Fees (the percentage on our Settings page) is 12.9%
So the calculation for the profit will be as follows:

100 - 12.9 (fees) = 87.1
87.1/100 = 0.871
21.57 (eBay price) x 0.871 = 18.78
18.78 - 0,30 (the extra PayPal charge) = 18.48

18.48 - 14.99(amazon price) = 3.50

Please note that if the sale has tax, we also deduct it from the final profit shown under the orders page profit. (when placing an order manually on Amazon please make sure to add the tax amount manually to the order)

Tax cannot be calculated before an item is sold, since the tax amount depends mostly on the state from which the customer buys the item. Each state has a different tax %.

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