To export our listings directly through eBay, and add them to the monitor, we have to check first if our previous monitor filled the asin of each listing in the Custom Label column.
Go to your active listings page through eBay's seller hub:

Click Customize:

Mark the Custom label field:

Click Apply, and you'll be able to see a new column with the item's custom label.

If you can't see the item's ASIN in that column, and you see "Add" instead, unfortunately you won't be able to export the monitoring file. You have to ask your previous monitor supporters for the export file.

If you can see the item's ASIN in that column, then you can proceed.

Open eBay File Exchange through the following link, and click Subscribe To File Exchange:

A new window will pop-up, you'll be asked to accept the terms of use:

After you agreed to the terms, click Start using File Exchange:

Inside the File Exchange Center, create a new download request:

In the following page, choose "Active" under Listings and records to export only the active listings.
Change the email address field to your email address.
You don't have to change anything else, it should look like that:

In a few minutes you'll receive an email with your export file:

Save the file with your store's name, and send it to us in the support chat, we'll take care of the rest :)

Check out this other page's that we think you will find useful:

For any further questions you are welcome to contact us through the support :)

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