The profitability monitor is a system that is responsible to end or alert you in case a listing is not profitable according to parameters you set.
This system allows you to optimize your account by automatically ending listings that were not sold- saving you time and money (on eBay fees).

The profitability monitor has 3 parameters and only when all of them are set up our system will end the listing.

You will find this system under the Monitor's page---Profitability Monitor:

We will click on the pencil icon to enter the edit mode and then we choose the following: 

  • When a listing is not profitable - you can choose if you want to be alerted or if you want the listing to be ended on eBay.
  • Listings left days - The number of remaining days till the item's renewal, that the profitability monitor will alert you/ end your non profitable items. You can see the remaining time in the Active Listings page at the right side of each listing:
  • Listing minimum sold quantity - the minimum number of sales your item should have.
  • Listing minimum watchers - the minimum number of watchers your item should have.
  • Listing minimum views - the minimum number of views your item should have.

(if it will have less than the defined value, it will be equal to true)

If you want a parameter to be ignored you can set a high value for it.

Here's an example to automatically remove listings with 1 day left, that hasn't been sold (less than 1 sales), and have any value of views and watchers (because the defined value is unreachable): 

After you've defined all parameters as you wish, click the V mark button to save, and start the monitor:

IMPORTANT: The profitability monitor will apply to all your active listings on eBay including the ones that ARE NOT monitored by AutoDs!

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